Yogi's Frustrations for the Intellivision

Product Description

Intellivision Yogi Frustrations Yogi Bear, fishing from a tree for picnic baskets, accidentally snags Ranger Smith's hat. As punishment, Ranger Smith puts Yogi to work on the Jellystone Park conveyer belt. Help BooBoo get picnic baskets of goodies up to Yogi to keep him working fast.

Game Play

Yogi needs to learn a lesson so Ranger Smith decides to put Yogi to work in the apple fields. His job is to fill up the cart and take the filled cart back to camp. Being smarter than the average bear, Yogi concocts a conveyor belt that carries the apples down the hill. Someone is out to get Yogi though and attempts to sabotage him by taking his basket away preventing him from send enough apples to the cart. To make sure they succeed, they also clog the conveyor belt with a contraption that knocks the apples off the conveyor belt.

It is a good thing Yogi has a trusted and reliable friend.

Boo Boo is tasked with returning Yogi’s baskets to him and stopping the contraption that knocks the apples off the conveyor belt.


Play the Game

Play it on your computer! Download the ROM and use the Nostalgia or jzIntv emulator to enjoy an original 80's game again.