Space Cant for the Intellivision

Product Description

Intellivision Super Chef Burgertime Are you ready for an all nighter? Be the Hero! Fortunately, in this game, you have an unlimited supply of shots and plenty of desirable targets! Your goal is to rack up a huge score while showing who is boss. Do not try to make this a quicky. Relaxation and focus are your friends for success. This is a quick paced and exciting exercise if you are up for the challenge. Do you think you lasted long enough? Try another round and see how far you can go. Take a break, then try again! As your scores grow, the harder the game gets!

Game Play

Stimulated one player game

The bombardment never ends as you try to shoot everything in sight!

Your senses will be overloaded with excitement as you try to score!

Your unlimited supply will keep you shooting!

You will feel the end is near as the speed picks up!