Nostalgia Emulator for the Intellivision


Play games on the PC

Have you found yourself wanting to play an Intellivision game but not wanting to pull out the console? Do you only have a few minutes to play a great game as you sit at your PC? Then you need Nostalgia!

This is the best way to play the actual game code from the original Intellivision cartridges on your PC!

Features of Nostalgia 4.2 and 5.0:

* Intellivoice and ECS support, including the ECS keyboard
* Run all existing games and any new games
* Groovy, retro-feel interface
* Command line support to allow use of emulator front-end software
* Completely customizable joystick / keyboard interface
* Customizable color palette so you can make it look like you remember
* Record movie captures with sound in AVI format
* Record sound captures in WAV format
* Snap screen captures in BMP format
* Save and Restore games
* Play against a friend over a network/internet
* Add your own game box, overlay images, and manual to display with the game

Version 4.2

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Additional features of Nostalgia 4.2:

* Groovy, retro-feel interface
* Screen Saver

DOWNLOAD Version 4.2

Version 5.0

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Additional features of Nostalgia 5.0:

* Windows interface
* Supports more video cards
* Better Network support
* ECS keyboard more reliable
* View the manual along side the artwork
* Bug fixes

DOWNLOAD Version 5.0

DOWNLOAD All Text Manuals

DOWNLOAD Images Pack #1
DOWNLOAD Images Pack #2
DOWNLOAD Images Pack #3
DOWNLOAD Images Pack #4
DOWNLOAD Images Pack #5

Mini Frequently Asked Questions

The help file included with Nostalgia answers most F.A.Q.; below are the most common.

What do I need to play games in Nostalgia?

The main files you need to play all games:

* Executive ROM: Commonly named EXEC.BIN or EXEC.INT.
* Graphics ROM: Commonly named GROM.BIN or GROM.INT.

* Entertainment Computer System ROM: Commonly named ECS.BIN. Required to play ECS games.
* Intellivoice ROM: Commonly named IVOICE. Required to play Intellivoice games.

(The above files should reside in the directory where Nostalgia is installed.)

* DirectX: minimum version is 8.0. The latest version of DirectX can be downloaded from Microsoft.

* Game ROM images: These can be download from the internet or purchased from Intellivision Productions.

Are the manuals and overlays available in the game?

Nostalgia supports the display of a game's box and overlay images within the emulator. The help file explains how to set this up.
Download them from the links above.

What input devices does Nostalgia support, other than the keyboard?

Any joystick that is installed and appears in the Gaming Options section of Window's Control Panel. The Classic Game Controller interface is also supported.


Distributed by
Shiny Technologies
Created by
Joe Fisher