Scarfinger for the Intellivision

Product Description

Intellivision Scarfinger The last two agents we sent on this mission didn't come back. You're the only one we have left for the job. Mr. Andreas Skarfos, alias 'Scarfinger',has seized an island and set up a fortress there. He has a number of missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to any part of the globe, and unless we answer his demands, he will destroy us. His installations are all but invulnerable to surface attack, but we've discovered a tunnel which leads under the island. If one man could somehow reach the tunnel, they could stop Scarfinger!

Game Play

You are first equiped with the latest Spycycle, a fully amphibious craft capable of being driven like a motorbike on land, a speedboat in the water, and a mini-sub undersea.

You will have to ride along the cliff road to the island, then across the sea to the tunnel entrance, and finally penetrate the tunnel and destroy the reactor. But as soon as he detects you, Scarfinger will know what is happening, and arm the missiles -- you have only nine minutes for your mission.

Of course, Scarfinger won't make life easy for you! The road is known to be strewn with land mines, and it is very twisty. Also, recent heavy rains have left large pools of water, and we think that some of the missiles on the island could be fired at the cliffs, causing boulders to tumble onto you.

In the sea are more mines, and giant mechanical sharks which Scarfinger uses to protect his fortress; also there are many oil slicks from the numerous tankers he has sunk in the area, and these can foul your engines. We believe that some missiles can be used as anti-ship weapons, releasing torpedoes when they hit the water. Your cycle is equipped with a laser rifle and a torpedo launcher for use in this part of your mission.

For the third part of your task, you will need anti-matter bolts, but these are too unstable to last for long, so you will be supplied at sea by a friendly aircraft which drops pods containing the bolts -- you must pick up as many of these as possible to have any chance of destroying the reactor!

Once in the tunnel, you will face hazards from neutron bolts from the reactor itself, and fire from gun turrets mounted on the tunnel walls -- being hit by either of these will increase your radiation level. You must also avoid the lasers along the sides of the tunnel.


Play the Game

Play it on your computer! Download the ROM and use the Nostalgia or jzIntv emulator to enjoy an original 80's game again.