Colecovision Adam Keyboard PC Interface
for the PC/MAC/Raspberry

About and Using the Interface

Rekindle the love you had for your Adam keyboard without the need for the printer or console by using the Adam Keyboard PC Interface!

In 1983, I purchased a Coleco Adam Computer and fell in love with keyboard. After all these years, I missed my Adam keyboard and wanted a way to use it again without the printer and console. In 2015, the necessary components to have this interface made just came together allowing me to use an Adam keyboard again!

The Adam Keyboard Interface is simply a device that allows you to connect the keyboard to a PC, Mac, or Raspberry computer. The computer will see the keyboard as an HID (human interface device). There are no software drivers required; plug and play!

The special keyboard keys such as WILD CARD and UNDO are mapped to common computer keys (documented below). This configuration allows you to use the keyboard as a normal keyboard and in emulation. The CoolCV (Colecovision/Adam) emulator has Adam support and will give you the feeling like you are back in 1983!

CLICK HERE for a sample of the CoolCV mapping configuration file for the Adam Keyboard interface. The emulator will clean out the comments.

The function keys are mapped as:

Escape Escape
Wild Card * Left Alt/Option
Black 1-6 F1-F6
   Shift Black 1-6    F7-F12
Undo ** Pause
Move/Copy Page Up
Store/Get Page Down
Clear End
Insert ** Insert
Print ** Print Screen
Delete Delete/Del
Home Home
Tab Tab
Control    Left Control/Command   
Shift Left Shift
Lock Caps Lock
Return Enter/Return
Backspace Backspace/Delete

* NOTE: When using the keyboard on the PC or Mac, be aware that the WILD CARD key does not work in combination with any other keys. CONTROL and SHIFT do.

** NOTE: There are no Mac equivalent keys for the UNDO, INSERT, and PRINT keys.

If you have a Mac, you may want to remap the COMMAND key. THIS SITE has instructions on how to do this.

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An aluminum enclose is available. Check out THIS SITE. You will have to drill out the holes.

A keyboard cable can be purchased at THIS SITE.