Joe Zbiciak Intellivision Emulator


Play games on the PC

Have you found yourself wanting to play an Intellivision game but not wanting to pull out the console? Do you only have a few minutes to play a great game as you sit at your PC? Then you need jzIntv!

This is the best way to play the actual game code from the original Intellivision cartridges on your PC!

Features of jzIntv:

* Supports .ROM, .BIN+CFG, .INT, .ITV.
* Supports paged ROMs, including WSMLB and certain prototype carts.
* Supports ECS (requires ecs.bin), Intellivoice, Intellicart, etc.
* Supports fullscreen, 320x200 windowed, 640x480 windowed display modes.
* Supports INTV2PC and CGC under Windows and Linux.
* Supports analog joysticks under Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
* Supports the INTV2PC, and CGC
* Supports screen-shots to GIF, and movie recording.
* Should build under Linux, MacOS X, WinXP. (MacOS X updated by John Tanner)


Download the installer by clicking HERE

You will be prompted with the license agreement once you run the install program.

After accepting, you will then see the introduction.

Clicking "OK" takes you to the installer. Select the directory you wish to install the program then click "OK".

A program group will be created along with an icon on the desktop if you chose to create it. Double click the icon and you should see the GUI.

Installation is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have the Ultimate PC Interface but jzIntv emulator is not recognizing the piano. What do I need?

Download jzIntv.exe dated 7/4/2011 by clicking HERE It needs to be uncompressed and replace the current jzIntv.exe installed.

jzIntv is working but where are all the games?

The games are avaialbe on the Intellivision Lives and Rocks CDs.

I get an error saying "Can not write start.bat". How do I fix this?

The emulator does not recognize long folder names. Make sure to install it to a directory named something like C:\JZINTV. If this does not fix it, download MSXML from Microsoft and install it.

I installed jzIntv but it does not play the games. What am I missing?

The main files (listed below) are also needed to play all the games. They need to reside in the directory where jzIntv is installed. These files are NOT part of the installation and can be obtained from the Intellivision Lives or Rocks CD.

* Executive ROM: Commonly named EXEC.BIN or EXEC.INT.
* Graphics ROM: Commonly named GROM.BIN or GROM.INT.

* Entertainment Computer System ROM: Commonly named ECS.BIN. Required to play ECS games.
* Intellivoice ROM: Commonly named IVOICE.BIN. Required to play Intellivoice games.

(The above files should reside in the directory where jzIntv is installed.)

* Game ROM images: These can be download from the internet or purchased from Intellivision Productions.


jzIntv created by
Joe Zbciak
jzIntv GUI created by
Arnauld Chevallier