Illusions for the Intellivision

Product Description

Intellivision Illusions Prepare yourself for a journey into a most unusual fantasy. A kingdom where nothing is as it seems. A land where the usual is unusual. Take a good look--then look again. It's a place. It's a time. It's a state of mind. Illusions -- it's all done with mirrors!

Game Play

Legend has it that Gleebs, (Amoeba-like creatures) learned this from the masters, their mentors, their teachers: "The Kingdom of Lizards In the Mirror Dimension is where Gleebs shall hold Their yearly convention".

When time comes to leave this structure surreal, the Gleebs must escape, though there is no door. Just stairs going nowhere, And time running out... They must pass through the glass as one Gleeb--not more.

Gleebs jump up or down and can change direction; When they meet, they meld, And two become one. Their union is strong, They keep moving along And all late arrivals must join in the fun.

Soon lizards may enter to add to the tension. Their touch brings frustration as more Gleebs appear. But there is one known method Of reptile prevention... A liquid-filled beaker, Crystalline clear.

Those liquefied lizards are put on "suspension"; They change into fish, flopping in place. That's the cue for the Gleebs to go for extension. Contact a fish To add time to the race.

What's not fish is fowl- (In this kingdom that's fair). When a bird glides above them The Gleebs must beware. If one happens to meet it The result is a crime; there's egg on their faces, The Gleebs lose some time.

At last, through the mirror! Is a haven at hand? No! The Gleeb finds itself In a weird, cubic land. The objective now is more Gleebs, not less. It takes four to escape By the mirrored egress.

If the Gleebs want out with all of their heart, the answer is simple: They must stay apart. To split, they must split (which makes sense, if you ponder), In order to get through that looking-glass yonder.

When one group of Gleebs flees each mirrored maze, A new crew convenes In the Kingdom's first phase. Use the clues in these verses To help them get free.


Play the Game

Play it on your computer! Download the ROM and use the Nostalgia or jzIntv emulator to enjoy an original 80's game again.