Ms Night Stalker for the Intellivision

Product Description

Intellivision Super Chef Burgertime Your man did not ask for directions and is now trapped in a maze! It is time for the Ms. to save choice! He gave the robots, bats, and spider a run for their money but now they know better. They are more relentless than ever and will hunt you down! Stop a robot from chasing you by destroying it but you never know if the next one that appears will give you more grief. Keep your cool Ms. Night will need it.

Game Play

Same feel, entirely different game play! This is a TRUE Action Network game!

Robots hunt you down mercilessly! Stay alive and score as many points as possible!

Play in 9 different mazes!

Robots and bats get smarter as game progresses!

Track the random amount of bullets each gun gives you. Your life may depend on it!