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Intelligentvision is about bringing you games from our past that we enjoyed or missed to enjoy for one reason or another. The ROMs sold below are of games that have been enhanced or missed. If you loved the games when we were kids, you will find a new enjoyment with these updated versions.
Ordering Agreement
Please read all the details below before ordering. Do not hesitate to ask questions prior to ordering.

These games/ROMs are available for you to play using emulation or with a flash cart such as the CC3 (not for making cartridges). When you purchase a game/ROM, you will receive the game ROM, images of the front of the game box, back of the game box, and overlay (unless otherwise noted).

If you have any questions regarding UNZIPping a file or are unsure of how you would use a ROM, please CONTACT ME PRIOR to ordering.

Refunds are not available as you will receive the ZIP file (which contains everything mentioned above) after reciept of your Paypal payment.

To order a ROM package, please CONTACT ME for instructions on how to make payment. After your payment is made, you will be emailed the ROM package.
All-Star Super Pro Hockey
All-Star Super Pro Hockey takes Hockey to the next level! This update speeds up the game, adds proper handling of penalties, option to select different period lenghts, remapped buttons, updates player colors and more!

Super Pro Baseball
Super Pro Baseball takes Championship Baseball to the next level! The updates are targeted for 1 player mode but the game still supports 2 player.

Mystic Castle
Mystic Castle was a prototype game that was later relased as Thunder Castle. The game play to Thunder Castle is slow and takes away from the fun of the game. This UPDATED release fixes the game play speed issue, adds 4 levels to start the game with making it more fun for beginners, and updates bonus images.

Ms Night Stalker
I used to play Night Stalker as a kid and loved it. One complaint was that the game play was slow. Not anymore! Not only that, this version has 9 different mazes you can choose to play! Even more! Bats continue coming out during the entire game and you never know what robot will challenge you.

Super Chef BurgerTime
Burgertime is a classic game on the console but 7 screens got boring. This version brings you 69 mazes to play. They are randomly chosen keeping you on your feet. Will you learn the new maze before the baddies get you?

Super Pro Tennis
This was my favorite game as a kid but, even then, it was hard to find a partner to play with. This version is a 1 or 2 player player version with 4 levels of play! You no longer need a partner to play and the computer AI is more than challenging making you play until you win!

Choplifer was planned to be released in the late 80's but was not completed. This version is completely playable with sound and similar to the Apple IIe version. This is true classic gameing!

King of the Mountain
I believe King of the Mountain is an under rated game. It was originally designed in the early 80's but was not completed and was missing sound. This version is the completed game with great sound effects and beatiful menu allowing you to progress through the levels as you desire. The easy levels do not require much strategy but the higher levels challenge and make you take risk. This game makes you want more!

Same Game & Robots 2012
We produced this game in 2004 but the voices were robotic and the game was not completed. This version is the first game to use human voices since the Mattel games and is the completed 2012 release.

Space C*nt
Space C*nt was created as a joke when the programmers claimed that the word "Can't" in Bomb Squad sound like "c*nt". They took Astrosmash and updated it with the phrase and adult graphics. The game play is Astrosmash but worse. This updated version fixes the game play issues and makes it a Super Pro version of Astrosmash.