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Many games were still in development when the video game industry crashed in 1984. Now, you are able to experience what you missed!

      Intellivision 1 console
Intellivision 2 console                

The games listed in the menu were produced in a
style we hope would have occured had they been
released. If you are interested in playing them,
make sure to check out the ROMS page.

Visit the Intellivision Library and the F.A.Q. to
see images of catalogs, hardware, get answers
to things you did not know about, and more!

Items available for purchase

Added Super Pro Baseball to ROMs for purchase on 11/20/2016.

Added Mystic Castle to ROMs for purchase on 3/21/2016.

The Retropie 4.2 package is now available (4/7/2017).

Pick up manuals and overlays made by Mark Thompson by CLICKING HERE.

Carl has made Ms.Pac Man available for free. Download it from HERE.

Space Spartan High Score

Intellivision Space Spartans High Score

     Here are my highest Space Spartan scores achieved on     
the console. They were not submitted for the record
books as I did not video the game.
(click on the image to see it in high-rez)

Intellivision Space Spartans High Score

Intellivision F-16

This was an Intelligentvision promotional piece.

Intellivision 1 console